The crux of the Vertebrand philosophy is that a brand is not just a warm, fuzzy entity created out of colors and designs. It is actually a central, multi-dimensional element of your business, the pivot around which your entire business revolves. A brand is the most potent asset a company can have, an asset which, if leveraged effectively, can power the company to profitable growth. Further, we believe that every brand has a monetisable value attached to it. Effective brand management is therefore not just about getting an aesthetically pleasing creative output, but about continuously enhancing the value of the brand over a period of time. This calls for the right combination of left-brained and right-brained thinking: in other words, a combination of a scientific, process-oriented approach and creative abilities of a high order. And this is exactly what we offer in every consulting engagement.

Everything about the Vertebrand Group – our approach, our specialist solutions, our scientific tools and our teams - has been created and structured in line with this thinking. As a result, we help you grow your business profitably by managing your brand well.

We have five specialist units - Strategic Branding Services, Digital Engagement, Brand Metrology, Internal People Alignment and Luxury / Experience Marketing. Each unit comprises consultants with significant breadth and depth of expertise in that particular domain. Which means that no matter what business problem or opportunity you may be facing, chances are that we will be able to help you. Our blend of domain expertise, scientific thinking and creative ability helps make your business bigger and better in the market.

Our holistic approach to Branding and Marketing is unconventional and far more effective than other approaches prevalent in the market today. Given the fact that ours is a completely new way of looking at brands and brand management, we have even coined a term for it - VERTEBRANDING.

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The country is seeing a strong surge in growth indicators - reason enough for you look at india as a vibrant market for your brand.


India. A land of a billion people and a billion business opportunities. One of the fastest growing economies in the world, business and entrepreneurship run in its blood. With a Government that is committed to business reform and an intelligent, hard-working base of professionals, the country is seeing a strong uptick in growth indicators. These are just a few of the reasons you should do business in India. At the same time, this country has its own idiosyncrasies and challenges, navigating which will need specialist local knowledge. Which is why you should consider Vertebrand as your 'India entry' partner.

To put it simply, we know everything about India: the several micro-markets in this country, the various consumer types, the rules and regulations governing business, the most efficient ways of raising capital, the connections required to set up and grow your company, how to hire and train the best team and so on.

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