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Creativity is the difference and the reason for business performance

Whether they’re tongue-tied, unsure or reluctant, people can’t always tell you why they make decisions. And without knowing what motivates your audience, you waste time and resources on solutions that fall flat. Our team of in-house communication and design specialists, have developed proprietary tools to address customer insight challenges and make that crucial link between brand decisions and business results. We’ll help uncover what truly drives all your stakeholders’ needs, perceptions and behaviour, giving you all data-driven insights to build brand strategies and experiences that propel your business forward. We’ll uncover which of your brand characteristics can drive the most share, and how you stack up against the competition.

Simply put, VXuber is the 'outsourced brand & communication solutions business' of Vertebrand. We have a team of communication & creative experts with hard-core experience across various vehicles – mainline media, digital media, retail, point-of-sale & planning. We hence ensure the best creative output and the most judicious use of communication spends, to get maximum bang for any business’ buck.

The Vertebrand Difference


Tell a story no one can resist

Words (& pictures!) matter…!!! The right ones stimulate, connect and transform. The wrong ones cause damage that lingers. Language brings your strategy to life—everywhere. To reach the people who matter, you need to find your unique story and tell it with conviction. We’ll work with you to set the tone for your brand, lay the groundwork for getting your message across and create specific content that commands attention in all the right ways.

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Connecting with the right customers in a complex, virtual world

‘Digital’ isn’t just a platform, or an isolated strategy. It permeates every part of your brand expression. As your audiences race across screens, your company must adapt to their needs while considering how your brand behaves in every environment. We’ll help you stay ahead of the game by developing original digital experiences that startle with the power of their simplicity.

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Strategy – The neglected ‘what’ before the common ‘how'

A brand must stand for something. Being not only different, but having a purpose, takes careful consideration. Our proprietary tool for unearthing and conceiving brand DNA and our team of exceptional brand strategists can help uncover and articulate your brand’s unique value proposition and values through data mining, studying the competitive landscape and – more importantly - getting to know you and your employees, as an organization. With this deep, factual understanding of what sets you apart, we’ll help craft a decision-making system that can guide you on business decisions to enable long-term growth.

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