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The ever-existent gap between the brand promise and the ability of its people to deliver

We believe that the customer promise of an organization can be experienced outside, only if it is lived inside. That said, it seems tobe an ever-present distance that the people within the organization are unable to traverse. This is what prevents any business from having an aligned culture. So, how can this gap be bridged? At Vertebrand, the VEncompass team answers this through internal brand alignment and transformation of the organization culture by aligning people with the customer promise for profitable growth.  We bring about alignment at three levels - the individual, the function and the organisation. 

We understand what it takes to deliver lasting performance gain. We offer a full range of services needed to deliver the results. We do not leave Powerpoint documents or working software behind. We orchestrate the business transformation through people, process, technology, and data via a business outcome centric engagement model. We stay with you till you see measurable business results and ROI we promised in the business case. 

The Vertebrand Difference


Outside-In, Inside-Out ... Is there a difference?

At VEncompass, we cover all touch points within your organisation which connect your people to the customer promise in a 3-step process.

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Quantify the extent of internal alignment in your organization

VEncompass has a 5-step scientific, proprietary tool called Entropy™ which is used to bring about this internal alignment. Entropy™ facilitates a company culture in which employees 'live' the customer promise, solve problems, make decisions & champion the promise internally to deliver the desired customer experience externally.

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Case Study

Transforming from an owner-driven to a system-driven enterprise

VEncompass team delivers organizational alignment for a manufacturing and trading enterprise in the agri business sector.

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