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John Stuart, Chairman of Quaker, 1900

It is an unfortunate truth that brand failure rates in India are very high, especially in these highly competitive times. Macro and micro economic factors, cultural differences, changing consumer preferences, rapid advancements in technology, low demand ... why, even the weather may conspire to bring a brand down! And so, if you are planning to launch a product or service in any market, you would not want to do so without a good understanding of the market, the size of the opportunity, and a well-thought-out business strategy. Which is exactly what VScan gives you. Because the adage 'look before you leap' applies to brands too!
VScan is designed to give you a realistic estimate of market potential and clear directions for an effective brand strategy. It can be used to assess the opportunity available for a product or service, whether it is B2C or B2B.

The Vertebrand Edge

Comprising key components like opportunity assessment, detailed mapping of the competition and of distribution channels, identification of your ideal target consumer, insightful consumer knowledge, locational analysis and more, VScan provides solid answers to all your questions.
Vertebrand has formidable expertise and experience in opportunity assessment and business plan preparation. We have helped several industrial and consumer product companies, including MNCs that have desired to enter India. The business plans we have prepared have been used to generate venture funding, as well as to launch or revitalize businesses.


Branding in retail: myths and realities

The phenomenal growth of retail industry in India is visibly evident, remarkable and it has landed customers in the winsome reigns of choice and opportunities. The industry hasn't helped itself by going on discounting sprees like never before - the sales have come early, thick and fast - with the result that both top and bottom lines are under immense pressure. We sympathize, but as a practicing brand consultants, could not help thinking that quite a lot of the damage has been self-inflicted. It is the retail industry's fundamental inability to adopt - and adapt - a clear branding paradigm that has left it with no alternative to ever-increasing tactical quick-fixes for generating customer footfalls.

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The shifting sands of Brand Research in India

Most companies that understand and perceive the brand as being central to their activities, base their decisions about the brand on rigorous and vigorous brand research. Yet many marketers and indeed even branding professionals find difficulty in differentiating Brand Research from Market Research. While they understand the importance and power of research in quantifying buyer demand, they are unable to perceive its role and importance in examining the customer's "brand experience". Brand research helps firms to define and understand customer expectations, evaluate whether they are being met and finally to explore how to exceed expectations.

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